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Debtor Representation and Defense
  • Defense of Debt-Based Lawsuits (Credit Card Debt, Loan Debt, and Vehicle Repossessions)

  • Unfair Debt Collection (Abusive Language, Excessive Calls or Harrassment, Contact with Employers or Others about your Debt)

  • Debt Settlement Negotiation (Negotiating to Stop Creditor Calls, Eliminate or Reduce Interest and Penalties, and Set Workable Payment Plans)


Tenant Representation in Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Eviction Defense

  • Security Deposit Claims

  • Lease Terminations and Rent Withholding (Negotiations to Enforce Landlord Obligations under Lease, or to Address Unlivable Conditions of the Rental Dwelling)

Consumer Claims / Unfair Business Practices
  • Auto Mechanic Claims

  • Unfair / Deceptive Business Practices

  • Misleading Advertising

  • Elderly Exploitation Claims


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • A “fresh start” debt-elimination process under Federal law.

  • May eliminate a great deal of debt, including credit card balances, bank loans, credit lines, repossessions, medical bills, and lawsuits. 

  • Ability to file bankruptcy creates substantial leverage in negotiating with creditors.

  • Those who qualify can keep substantial property including a home, cars, and valued household property while still eliminating / discharging substantial debts.

  • We are a federally designated debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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